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Live Webinar – Optimizing Inventory Levels Through Best Practice Forecasting and Order Automation

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Welcome to a new era in inventory management. Envision a world where your demand forecasting and inventory levels are not only optimized but also automated. Now, make this vision a reality with AGR’s powerful SaaS-based solution.

Live webinar presented by: Finnur Bragason, Managing Director AGR USA

Mark your calendars for: July 24th, from 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM EST

Don’t let your Business Central capabilities go untapped – this is your opportunity to elevate your inventory management game and streamline your purchasing processes.

Here’s what’s in store:

  1. Statistical Demand Forecasting – Unearth how AGR’s solution can automate your demand forecasting, providing real-time data to drive your decisions.
  2. Inventory Optimization – Harness the power of AGR’s solution to keep your inventory levels optimal. Witness how efficiently managed inventory can save your valuable capital and time.
  3. Automatic Order Creation – Delve into the realm of automated ordering. Learn how automating repetitive purchasing processes can let you focus on core business activities.

Are you ready to optimize your inventory through best-practice forecasting and order automation?

Click here to add our live demo to your calendar on July 24th. Let’s revolutionize inventory management together.

For a deeper dive, download the AGR Essentials Datasheet.

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