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Rethink Your Workplace Experience


The nature of work has changed. Your employees expect to work securely from anywhere, on any device, and they put a high premium on work that enriches and fulfills them. When their productivity tools enhance the quality and effectiveness of their work experience, they’re happier, more valuable, and more likely to stay. It’s a fundamental operational change for your business, and one that Accelerynt understands well.


Business Issues

Thrive in a High-Risk World

Rethink your workplace strategy
Rethink your workplace strategy
Discover how a holistic Workplace Experience approach can help you survive and thrive in the new world of work.
Modernize your workplace ecosystem
Modernize your workplace ecosystem
Harness the power of the Microsoft Modern Workplace technology platform to reduce cost and improve business agility.
Reimagine your culture and workplace experience
Reimagine your culture and workplace experience
Adapt your workforce configuration to align with new ways of working while reducing your cost base.
Secure your new world of work
Secure your new world of work
Empower work from anywhere through zero-trust workplace security.

Workplace Strategy


We’re witnessing a generational change in the way we work and, in the employee, /employer dynamic – the likes of which we’ve only previously experienced following huge disruption (global conflicts) or industrial and technological revolutions (like the PC entering the workplace).

Now more than ever, preserving and protecting employee experience (EX) is a responsibility shared across the board and throughout leadership. Our Modern Workplace team works with IT, HR, and lines of business to adopt a holistic approach to the workplace – leaving both the employee and the business better off.

Discover the benefits that await both businesses and employees when your leaders collaborate to drive a holistic Workplace Experience.

Modernize Your Ecosystem

Our end-to-end approach to workplace transformation provides you with a platform that puts your business on a growth footing. Our workplace modernization approach includes:
    • Implementing Microsoft 365, which includes Office 365, Windows and Enterprise Mobility and Security

    • Create seamless experiences – Optimize workplace technologies and physical environments to increase productivity and collaboration

    • Minimize security exposure – Secure your workplace, ensure compliance, and maintain customer trust

    • Optimize for an evergreen cycle – Manage risks and exploit opportunities associated with frequent updates

    • Consume Workplace as a Service – Continuously improve employee experience and operations

    • Improve collaboration and information sharing with Teams and SharePoint services

Reimagine Your Workplace Experience


Applying the principles of customer-centricity to your employee experience you can boost productivity, cost efficiency and business growth. Research from the Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) at MIT Sloan School of Management shows that firms with the best EX achieve results including*:

    • Double the customer satisfaction
    • Twice the innovation
    • 25% greater profitability compared to competitors
    • With Accelerynt’s Modern Workplace expertise, we can help you transform your Employee Experience.

*Dery, K., and Sebastian, I., “Building Business Value with Employee Experience,” MIT CISR Research Briefing, Volume XVII, No. 6, June 15, 2017; based on data from 2016 MIT CISR Best Practices in Digital Workplace Design Survey

Secure Your Workplace


Hybrid or remote working offers longer-term business benefits. From. reduced costs and improved productivity to an enhanced employee experience and sustainability.

But making it a scalable and sustainable proposition – demands robust, secure workplace foundations. And now’s the time to build them.

Accelerynt can help you deploy Zero Trust security that can support your employees to work securely, while enabling you to adapt to evolving threats and future disruptions. We can help to simplify your security strategy, protect your data, devices and users, with robust digital identity solutions so that you can harness the power of a modern workplace experience.

Benefit from our expertise
Accelerynt Security Services provide a holistic approach, based on Zero Trust principles through advisory, implementation and managed services. Our services will enable you to:

    • Build Zero Trust foundations through context-aware security, ensuring appropriate access to your information and assets by the right people.
    • Protect sensitive data – address your compliance and governance needs and monitor key assets and data.
    • Manage and investigate risks with advanced threat protection, insights, remediation support and recovery.
    • Help you operate cost-effectively and securely at scale through our Managed Security Services
    • If you need help to define a strategy to strengthen your workplace security, a good place to start is our Zero Trust Assessment