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Own The Disruption and Drive Your Business Forward

New technological breakthroughs, shifting market demands, changing competitive strategies, and new regulatory requirements are just some of the forces continuously impacting your business. Accelerynt can help your organization rethink, redesign, and move forward with fundamental changes to your business and operating plans that can help you reduce expenses, move faster, and maximize value amid disruption.


Bigger, Bolder Moves

At Accelerynt, we invest the time to understand your current situation, business needs, and technology inventory. We then work with you to create a roadmap to business and digital transformation. Whether your business transformation includes improving how processes flow or your team is debating moving to a full cloud solution, our team of experts is here to evaluate, design, advise and implement these changes. Our industry, accounting and systems experience assists your team in change management, process design, change control, operating procedures, security redesign, server overhaul and migration, and more.

Strategic Keys to Successful Transformation

In our experience, successful transformation requires an integrated approach that links your business or functional strategy to transformation goals, and transformation goals to Accelerynt’s execution discipline.

Accelerynt’s Transformation and optimization practice uses six keys to transformation success based on hundreds of engagements with some of the world’s leading companies. We’ve seen first-hand how these strategic keys can help unlock value that’s both revolutionary and evolutionary.

    • Begin with a strategy-informed ambition: Translate your strategic objectives into a bold yet realistic transformation goal.
    • Lead with capabilities: Build the discipline needed to establish a new trajectory that helps keep pace with disruption.
    • Drive to value: Take time to be explicit about exactly how you intend to create value.
    • Build in sustainability: Foster an adaptive organization that embraces new ways of delivering value.
    • Be agile and flexible: Implement an agile approach that delivers quick wins and iterative progress.
    • Invest in program talent: Keep leaders connected strongly to focused roles in order to help retain top talent during the transformation.

Accelerynt’s Transformation and Optimization Services

Our transformation and optimization services help guide and lead your organization through the digital transformation and optimization process. Our business process review team can help identify gaps in process flows, indicate areas for improvement, and identify risks and compliance issues. The Accelerynt team can help your organization navigate through an on-premise to cloud or hybrid cloud migration using our team of business, server, security, network and Azure experts. Our team of experts is composed for former Controllers, Accountants, CFOs, CSOs, CIOs, Developers, and Engineers with backgrounds in many different industries.

Services Offered for Transformation and Optimization:

  • ERP and CRM Selection Processes, including requirements, vendor selection and scorecards
  • On-Prem GP/NAV migrations to Business Central Cloud or Hybrid
  • Azure migrations, Azure mappings
  • Security reviews and evaluations
  • Server migrations
  • System, Server and Dynamics 365 Upgrades/Migrations
  • Business Process Reviews & Optimization
  • System Optimization/Healthchecks for Networks, Azure, Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM
  • Distribution and manufacturing process reviews
  • CIO Advisory Services, including building new IT process, policies and teams from scratch for start-up businesses and expanding organizations
  • Reporting Optimization for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams implementations and optimizations
  • SharePoint implementations and optimizations

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