Our Purpose

We know the realities and challenges that our customers face in overcoming threats; Accelerynt was founded with a singular purpose: help teams like yours build cybersecurity resilience by making programs easier to manage. You won’t find many security companies like us. We’re here to help you develop strength in your organization.

We’ve walked in your shoes

We know what it’s like to have ‘partners’ who only seem to care about their financial position or what you’re buying from them.  We’ve also worked with internal teams who get really good at passing audits but miss out on the operational mindset needed to do security well. We’re here to change that. By building in operational strength and resilience, organizations can be confident that their teams are capable, resilient and on guard.

Accelerynt is a 100% employee owned company. The lack of private equity, debt, or venture capital funds allows us to prioritize long-term relationships versus short-term quarterly objectives.

A belief in transparency

Many customers find it hard to understand what we mean by adversary-focused services.
(breach assessments, red team and hunt operations, penetration tests, etc.)

  • How comprehensive is the service?
  • What capabilities and methodologies are being utilized?
  • Will the service be useful in informing the organization long-term in combating the adversary?

The information security industry has traditionally not provided satisfactory answers to these questions, or enabled customers to improve their own defensive capabilities.

To combat the uncertainty surrounding adversary services, Accelerynt is committed to full transparency in all our engagements and all our service offerings. We know that our clients can move the needle of their security posture beyond just what we can just do for them. We share our Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs), operational methodologies and technical capabilities freely in the knowledge that your team will become proficient to help your organization with maturing its threat detection, response and hardening capabilities. Our hope is our approach will inform and set the pace for the overall security industry in the best ways to simulate, detect, respond and combat today’s adversaries, and further share those capabilities so we can improve security for everybody.


Shannon Mullins


Shannon Mullins is the Chief Revenue Officer of Accelerynt and a Microsoft MVP of Business Applications. She has over 20 years’ experience across a wide variety of disciplines and products, including accounting, information technology, professional services, insurance, healthcare, mortgage lending, distribution, manufacturing, project management and deployment and implementation of CRM and ERP systems.  Shannon has a deep understanding of the functional aspects of projects, process automation and system design, and the reporting needs and requirements for complex ERP systems. Shannon is a former controller and accountant and holds a master’s degree in Accountancy. She currently resides in Nashville, TN and is a Microsoft conference speaker and presenter for Dynamics Communities and Microsoft.

Mike Reyes


Mike Reyes serves as our Chief Security Officer. Before joining Accelerynt in May 2019, Mike led the security transformation efforts at Digital Realty. Prior roles include various leadership and architecture functions across the Fortune 500, Defense, Insurance and Finance sectors. He has been responsible for security architecture, engineering and operations in addition to leading incident response teams. During Mike’s tenure, he has helped customers develop strategically focused programs that are aligned with business objectives. Mike is also an active board member for the Cybersecurity Program at Southern Methodist University, acting as a strong advocate for improving future generations of cybersecurity talent and serves as a subject matter expert (SME) for COMPTIA, a global leader in certifications.

Our Core Beliefs

We Listen

The right solutions can vary widely between organizations. Our deep expertise enables us to understand each customer’s environment and business needs and recommend the right mix of security controls to fit. Sometimes that means adding solutions from one of our partners. Other times it’s simply maximizing your use of an existing product, adding the right security headcount, improving processes, or changing configurations. In every case, our focus is identifying the path to measurably improve your security capabilities.

We Invest in Our Employees

We love what we do, and we want anyone that works with us to stay sharp. 100% of our team is certified, and we’re passionate and knowledgeable about security. We recognize the importance of attracting and retaining top talent. At our nimble, growing company expectations are high, but so are the rewards and respect.

We Move Fast, Create Value, and Keep Improving

We’re all tired of year-long projects that aren’t connected to business value. What’s ‘good enough’ today isn’t going to cut it in 12 months. We hold ourselves and our partners to a very high standard. From capabilities, service delivery, and our MSSP, we expect the great things, and we’re never satisfied with the status quo. Our partners’ products and services go through a detailed Solution Validation process to ensure the highest standards are met before we recommend them to any customer.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact our team. We’ll kick off our process and show you why Accelerynt is different.