13 Security Reasons Behind Moving ERP To The Cloud

Reasons For Moving ERP To The Cloud

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Recently, a huge migration to the cloud has been occurring for on-premise ERP systems moving to cloud-based SaaS, AWS, or Azure-based ERP environments.

Many CFOs and CIOs are making the push to accelerate their organizations to a more secure, more accessible platform for their accounting enterprise resource planning systems.

With remote working and the COVID workplace environments, this became even more of a priority in the modern workplace.

As more cyber attacks continue to happen in the United States and worldwide, IT professionals are turning their attention to securing their data no matter the size of the organizations.

Hackers are not just targeting larger organizations, but also small and medium (SMB) organizations, where data is critical and systems are outdated and easy to access.

Outdated Windows, Microsoft Office, and SQL server versions remain an easy target for those wishing to attack and take advantage of smaller organizations.

Due to this recent cloud migration push, Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) and Sales (CRM) platforms averaged a 250% year-over-year growth rate.

The major reasons identified by most C-level executives we interviewed are listed below:

  1. Cost of maintaining inefficient servers and VPN software
  2. Constant IT help desk issues of maintaining VPN and server access for users
  3. The need for Microsoft Azure single sign-on and not maintaining multiple logins/passwords
  4. Multi-Factor authentication for user access to the applications
  5. Cloud backups and maintenance provided fully by Microsoft
  6. Three sandbox/test environments available at no-charge to the organization
  7. The ease of use of no software installs and configuration for new users
  8. Modern interface and fully embedded licensing with Microsoft Admin Portal
  9. Software is easier to use, has constant updates and upgrades with new features
  10. Embedded with the Power Platform, including Power BI Dashboard reporting
  11. Full integration with Microsoft 365 and Office 36
  12. Ability to customize and extend solutions through apps and extensions
  13. Low monthly cost, including SSO, backups, upgrades, environments

Our highly experienced, professional security team at Accelerynt is also offering our clients real-time security monitoring through Azure Sentinel and our own IP around security analytics.

Our security professionals are able to identify any unusual security access and events within minutes and provide swift resolution.

Contact us for more information or a scoping call and demo.

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