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Steven Chinsky Joins The Accelerynt Team

Steven Chinsky

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Steven ChinskyAccelerynt is pleased to announce the addition of Steven Chinsky to our team. Steven brings over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and supply chain industries to the table, along with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and management information systems from Northeastern University. Steven will be the new Manager of our Dynamics Practice.

“I’m excited about the strength Steve will bring to the Accelerynt Dynamics practice. His previous experience in distribution, retail, manufacturing and inventory will help ensure our customers are receiving the best of implementation practice in these areas.” – Shannon Mullins, Partner, Chief Revenue Officer.

In his previous roles at companies such as Microsoft Partners, Wipfli, and Adaptive Business Solutions, Steven has honed his skills in helping clients identify and overcome challenges in their business, developing and implementing strategies to achieve their goals.

His technical expertise includes a range of manufacturing processes, warehouse management systems, inventory control, operations management, and accounting. He has also worked with over 200 NAV/BC implementations across various industries, including food and beverage, retail, and chemical.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Steven enjoys cooking, traveling, and working on home improvement projects in his free time. He also has a passion for Legos.

Steven is excited to join the Accelerynt team and says:

“I am so pumped that in my short few days here at Accelerynt, everyone has connected with me, has a handle on all their projects and tasks, and made me feel at home.”

We are thrilled to welcome Steven to the team and look forward to the valuable insights and expertise he will bring to our clients.

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