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Optimize & Secure Microsoft O365, Azure & Dynamics

Get the security expertise you need to ensure your Microsoft stack is effectively deployed, configured and ready to run securely 24x7x365.


Ensure O365, Azure & Dynamics Environments Are Optimized & Secure

Microsoft O365

Comprehensive deployment of all Microsoft security tools with configuration assessments, remediation and hundreds of ARM templates and scripts to speed capability deployment.

Microsoft Azure

Deploy and optimize all of Azure's security solutions including multi-layered security provided by Microsoft across physical data centers, infrastructure, and all of your Azure-related operations.

Microsoft Dynamics

Identity and Access Management assessment and remediation, complete audit trail analysis and SIEM integration to ensure a secure CRM foundation for sales and profit management.

Get More from Your Microsoft Investment with Certified Experts to Help Optimize and Secure the Business

Is your security team running ragged trying to keep up?

Check out our powerful security automation playbooks on GitHub to help you streamline security operations while quickly improving your defenses.


Comprehensive security for your Microsoft tools designed for your unique business requirements... now you can get more from your Microsoft investments.

Your business demands efficiency, productivity and security, but out-of-the-box Microsoft security doesn’t always cut it. Get the most from your investments with an expert team that can help secure and optimize O365, Azure and Dynamics.

End-to-End Deployment

Fast, efficient, end-to-end deployment of all Microsoft security products.

Configuration Assessments & Remediation

Evaluation of current product configurations and expert remediation where necessary.

Rapid Deployment with Custom ARM Templates

Rapid deployment with custom ARM templates and configuration scripts.

IAM Assessments & Remediation

Comprehensive Identity and Access Management assessment and remediation.

SIEM Integration & Audit Trail Analysis

Seamless SIEM integration with MS Sentinel with complete audit trail analysis.

Over 100 Years Of Combined Cybersecurity Experience

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"This is a testimonial about your services."
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"This is a testimonial about your services."
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"This is a testimonial about your services."
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"This is a testimonial about your services."
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Get Your Questions Answered About Securing Your Microsoft Investments

    Frequently Asked Questions

    More than features, functions and staff, we start with your business goals, environment, challenges and cybersecurity risks in mind first, and work backwards from there to determine precisely what optimization and security tactics are needed.

    While Microsoft has security built in, their mission is to enable productivity, not deliver security. Using Microsoft-certified experts who are also highly trained, US-based cybersecurity analysts means you have a dedicated partner that can deliver maximum productivity and security based on your unique business environment. That means you’re not relying on out-of-the-box tools and security that may or may not be well-suited for your business needs.

    We’re a US-based headquarters company with employees in NATO countries.

    Cloud security architecture is a framework of controls, technologies, and policies used to secure cloud computing systems. It helps to protect data and other resources stored in the cloud, as well as the applications and services running on the cloud. Cloud security architecture typically includes authentication and access control, data security, encryption, and threat detection and response.

    Cloud security is important because it helps protect confidential data and information stored in the cloud from unauthorized access, theft, and malicious attacks. Additionally, it ensures that cloud services are compliant with industry and government regulations, minimizing the risk of data breaches and other security risks.

    Microsoft Cloud is highly secure and uses multiple layers of security to protect data. Microsoft employs a variety of security measures to protect customer data, such as encryption, identity and access management, threat protection, and other security technologies. Microsoft also regularly reviews and updates its security protocols to ensure the highest level of security.

    Microsoft Sentinel is the best SIEM platform because it offers a comprehensive set of features for monitoring, detecting, and responding to security threats. It provides an easytouse interface and integrates with other Microsoft security solutions, such as Azure Security Center, to provide a unified view of security across all your environments. Additionally, the platform is cloudbased, which allows for scalability and faster response times to potential threats.

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